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Practice Areas

Corporate Formation, Organization and Structuring
Helping you to choose the right entity for your business, whether it is a corporation, LLC or partnership, and drafting all related organizational documents including bylaws, corporate minutes and notices, operating and shareholder agreements and Buy/Sell documents. 

Contract Review, Revision and Negotiation
Applying our deep understanding of contract law to ensure any agreements that you enter into are fair and that your company’s potential liabilities are minimized, while its potential for profiting is maximized.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Negotiating and structuring asset and stock transactions and the performance of due diligence related to such transactions.

Corporate Transactions
Structuring transactions to facilitate the investment of capital into privately held companies.

Employment Law and Restrictive Covenants
Advising your company on a variety of employment matters, including noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements and employee/contractor classification matters.

Executive Agreements, Compensation and Benefits
Carefully drafting agreements to ensure that the obligations of your company’s executives are fair and reasonable and that their executive compensation packages are sound and well-structured.

Commercial Real Estate, Leasing and Sales
Drafting and negotiating commercial real estate leases and negotiating agreements to purchase and sell commercial real estate.

Intellectual Property Protection
Protecting your company’s valuable trademarks, patents and other intellectual property through the use of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements as well as through other agreements and registrations. 

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives
Assisting business owners in developing plans for the disposition of their estates and for the perpetuation of family businesses.