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About Us

We are corporate lawyers who provide general business counsel services to businesses in a variety of industries.

How can a general business counsel help your company?

If you own a business, you will likely encounter a variety of legal matters that require the assistance of an attorney as your company grows.  If employing an in-house counsel is not a feasible option, as it is not for most companies, then engaging a general business counsel can be a cost-effective, high quality alternative for handling a wide range of legal issues.  By taking the time to become familiar with your business, its culture and its management, a general business counsel can help your company develop strategies tailored to its particular legal needs.  In addition, a general business counsel can help you anticipate potential sources of liability and legal conflict and can help you, in turn, to minimize each.

Developing preemptive legal strategies with us is not solely a way to avoid legal pitfalls; it is also an excellent way to help you grow your business and increase its revenues and long-term viability.  There are several ways that we, as your general business counsel, can help you protect and grow your business, including:

  • Helping you choose and form the proper legal entity for your business;
  • Maintaining and updating  your company’s corporate records and organizational documents;
  • Advising officers, Board members and shareholders with respect to corporate governance and compliance issues;
  • Advising your company on various special matters, including litigation and employee/contractor classification matters;
  • Performing due diligence on, and documenting, proposed investments, the purchase and sale of businesses and other complex transactions;
  • Providing general advice related to litigation avoidance and profit maximization; and
  • Negotiating contracts to achieve favorable terms and limit liabilities.

Having enforceable and carefully drafted contracts will help your company end legal conflicts quickly, inexpensively and favorably and will also help deter frivolous lawsuits and other legal actions against your company.  In addition, adding a general business counsel’s experience to your company’s team of advisors can not only help your business thrive, but will also provide its key players with a certain peace of mind and a sense of confidence that they are operating within a protected and well thought-out legal framework.
We have the ability to be flexible in our approach to billing.  Companies need to be able to predictably budget for attorney’s fees and we can work with you to devise a billing method that fits your company’s legal needs and that won’t surprise you with excessive charges.  We are normally amenable to a retainer (monthly) fee or flat fee billing for most, albeit not all, projects.